Tips For Interviewing An Immigration Officer On Entry To the Country

Since the end of the policy of dry feet wet feet many Cubans have encountered problems arriving at the airport with visa and face harsh interviews with immigration officials. Here are some tips on answering the common questions immigration officials are asking at ports of entry.

Important tips for interviewing an immigration officer on entry to the country

1. Where will you stay?
This is a typical question of immigration officers and it is important to answer it with security and detail. You must have the exact address of the place where you spend your days in the United States. You must not say that you do not know where you will be staying.

2. What is the purpose of the trip?
This could be misleading, it is important to be clear on the reason for the trip, to always tell the truth is fundamental. The reason for the trip they describe to the immigration officer must match the type of visa with which they are traveling.

3. How much money do you bring with you?
Never lie. Tell the officer exactly the amount of money you bring and take into account the limitations of the United States for the entry of money.

4. Do you have family or acquaintances in the United States?
Always tell the truth. It does not extend to answer exactly what the immigration officer asks them.

5. When are you planning to return to your country?
Very important and defining. When you enter the United States you must have a return ticket. It is important for the immigration officer to be clear that you are returning to your home country.
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